MissJackieArtCommissions are closed!

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Full illustrations, character pieces, OCs, fanart, ect
Prices Listed Below


  • Colored Sketch $45

  • Lineart $55

  • Colored Illustration $85

Prices may change with complexity.
Additional character cost $20 dollars each!
Complex background will cost additional $25!

Stream Assets

Animations, alerts, emotes, ect!
Prices listed below!

Animated Assets

  • Animated Asset $100

  • Full Animated Sequence (ex: raid intro/transition) $200+

  • This pricing is very vague, since it depends on so many things. I highly suggest DMing me on Discord or Twitter and we can talk!


Emotes are $35 each! Animated cost ~10-20 dollars more depending on what you'd like.

Vtuber Models and Rigs

I offer model art + rig, or rig only commissions.
Prices are listed below!

This video showcases three different models of mine!
Art and rigs by me!

Model for Agent_Awassi. Drawn and Rigged by me!

Please understand that my price increase is due to demand and the quality of work!

  • Rig Only: $300 for Half-Body | $400+ for Full-Body

  • Art and Rig Bust: $650 for bust

  • Art and Rig Full-Body: $750+

Every model comes with...

  • Angle X, Y &Z

  • Body X, Y &Z

  • AEIOU Mouth Rig

  • Basic parameters (eye open/eye x/y, breathing, ect.)

  • Blush, Tears, Shock/Sweat, and Scared Expressions!

  • Physics on Hair/Clothing/Fur/Ect.

Prices may vary depending on complexity.*Additional expressions cost $20 each.
Complex toggles (ex: hand movement/poses/ect) $50
Outfit/Prop Toggles $30-50 (Complexity based)
If you'd like a quote, please feel free to DM me on Discord or Twitter.

*Ask me about my "stylized" models! I can mimic popular video game/media art styles! For example: I have made two Undertale style models, a Cult of the Lamb model, and a Night in the Woods style model!Pricing for these (depending on how simple/complex the style is) can vary and are typically much lower than my standard prices!)